Monday, August 31, 2009


Well we had a great summer. Busy but fun! One week before school started I went on a girls trip to Vegas with my sisters, Tahnea and Sarah we had a blast! This is a little out of order but here are the pictures.

Well we have been very busy this summer. I was hoping I would have plenty of time to blog, scrapbook and play. But I didn't. I spent a lot of time organizing my house and playing with the kids. I'm not really sure the organizing was worth it, cause 1 week into school and it's all messed up again. I will be spending labor day re-doing everything. what fun! Here is a picture of me and the kids at my sister Sarah's apt. in Salt lake City. We visted her 2 weekends before school started. She has a pool and a workout room. We had a blast!

(Sorry Karissa I didn't call you, we had each day loaded since we were only there for 3 days. next time...promise)

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