Friday, March 27, 2009


So Conner is a scout now, and we got to his first pinewood derby. He designed it, painted it, and helped put the wheels on. We had a little trouble sanding it, so his dad and grandpa helped him with that, but everything else was his invention. Kody wasn't sure about the design, cause he thought it would be too light, and there wouldnt be much wood left (hence the hard to sand!) But Conner must have known what he was doing, cause he got first. After getting beat last weekend in wrestling, winning first in this was amazing! He was so excited!!!

Grandpa Kirkham, Conner, Dad, and Naomi
YES! THOSE ARE REAL PISTONS!!! The big one is from a Semi Truck. And it is heavy, Conner needed help carrying it!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Enjoying the Sunshine!!!

Sunshine!! finally. After this very long winter, we had a sunny day, and just had to go outside to enjoy it. We went out after the girls dance practice at about 4:30, and EVERYONE in the neighborhood was outside! My kids were in their element being outside. Katlin and Naomi have been asking me every day if they could jump on the tramp, or ride their bike, and I had to keep telling them "No, it's too cold!" So we were out today for 3 hours!!! Talk about Spring Fever!!!

Speaking of Spring Fever; Kody and I are going to Cancun next month. I've never left the U.S. I am so excited! For my birthday, my sister-in-law got Kody and I a tanning gift certificate. I've never tanned in a tanning bed, and my legs haven't seen sun for 3 years. Word to the wise...Don't look at them without sunglasses on! My sister Sarah, helped me the other day go shopping for some clothes for the trip. It was fun to shop for summer clothes!
Conner got a long board for Christmas, and he hasn't been able to ride it, so he took it out, and thankfully, my cousin Shauvin came out to play. I don't know a thing about longboarding, and Shauvin had one, so he taught Conner how to work in his new board. Conner had a blast! He didn't want to go home! Thanks Shauv!

Katlin didn't want to ride her bike at first, so I loaded her in the stroller. My bike it hanging up in the garage, and I can't get it down. So when Kody gets home, I'll have to ask him to get it down for me!!

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